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The Charm of Wearing Fashion

With the growing speed of the change of fashion, people fall into a frustration about how to choose their fashion ornaments. Fashion is an untouchable thing and you should follow your desire. Fashion watches become an indispensable part of the modern life. Fashion watches are divided into thousands of brands, e.g. Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, A.Lange & Sohne Patek Philippe are the most famous brands. Meanwhile, they may be classified into different series such as business watches, pendent watches, sport watches, children watches, gift watches and so on. However, do you know where the magnificance of wearing watch lies in? Here I would like to present the reasons for why we have to wear watches.

There is a saying “The watch a man wears indicates his status in a society.” Actually it is the same with woman. A first class sports watch will show zest, charm and vigor which form the temperament of a person. ToWatches, the representative of the fashion sport watches, is of this kind. There is a design called FA0301 diamond wristwatch which is composed of the most classical elements of sport watches. There are three colors in the design: pink, white and black. The pink means delicacy and elegance. The white means pureness and is full of noble nature in the brevity. The black denotes coolness and is filled with loftiness in the mystery. If you wear such a watch , both of your taste and confidence will be promoted. The ToWatches is the collection of inspiration and excellence, representing eternal pursuit.

There is no doubt that taking a watch as a present to others means a lot of things. If you give it to your friends, it means to cherish the seconds and minutes in which you are together, denoting the longevity of your friendship. Then it may means the watch can produce good luck for your friends and they receive good luck every day. If an adult sent a watch to a child, it denotes the adult wants the child to be punctual from childhood on one side, on the other side the adult hopes the child to take his time to work hard to be a useful man in the future. The meaning of a man sends a watch to a woman is quite different from that of the vice versa. That a man sends a watch to a woman means he wants to spend his time together with his loved forever, he would like to give his left time to his beloved and to be eternal and he want to be with you every second, minute and hour. However, that a woman sends a watch to a man seems a little selfish. The woman wants the man to think of her at any time and she also means she is waiting for him all the time. Love is mysterious and beautiful originally. If love is added with watch, both the lovers will watch out their love carefully and cultivate their love through all eternity. Maybe the watch you choose is not the most expensive, but it has enough meaning to make your beloved to love you forever. What is important is not the money but the love feelings. So be in action as soon as possible.

Fashion Image Consultants For Men

When a man seeks out the services of a fashion image consultant he begins a journey of self discovery.

A man’s elegance stems from his knowledge of clothes, of how to wear, buy and care for them. It is this awareness that others notice about him: he is no self-aggrandising dandy but a man whose confidence is perfectly balanced by the beauty and suitability of the clothing he wears. We step back and admire the eloquent nonchalance of one who knows the rules and has successfully and joyfully mastered them.” Richard Martin,Curator of the Costume Institute, Metropoliatan Museum of Art.

This journey will alter the way he thinks about himself and how he looks at clothes well into the future. The expert advice of a trained professional will make shopping easier and dressing for any occasion more successful. Many men are initially stunned by how much they don’t know and how much they have to learn because good grooming goes way beyond choosing a tie and buying a suit.

A fashion image consultation for men should include many things:

· Body Analysis. This allows a man to develop an awareness of his silhouette, vertical proportions and positive or negative features. This information determines the styles and lengths of garments that enhance and flatter him.

· Line, Design and Colour Principles. This is the theory that underpins so much of the art of good dressing. Few people are trained in these principles and consequently make poor choices regularly when shopping for clothes. If they have an instinctive notion that what they have bought isn’t flattering, they rarely know why and so consistently repeat the mistake.

· Garment Selection. Using the information gleaned from the body analysis, he should receive a comprehensive list of clothing styles that will help him look his best on any occasion.

· Accessory Knowledge. This is an invaluable element of the consultation because accessorising appropriately is very important to a man’s visual image. It is this aspect of a man’s wardrobe that enables him to express his individuality and style personality.

· Wardrobe Organisation. This part of the consultation trains the male in the art of pulling many disparate elements together to create a winning outfit. It is an essential skill for minimising duplication and maximising cost effectiveness.

· Style Personality. Every man has one, and it comes from his life’s experiences, vocation, education, life style, interests and physical attributes.

Many men may think that seeking the services of a fashion image consultant is an exercise in vanity and self aggrandisement. And perhaps for a few it is. Clothes and personal grooming is only one facet of a man’s life, knowing how to maintain perspective and balance is essential. However, there is plenty to learn and much to be gained by investing in the services of a fashion image consultant. After all, when a man knows that he looks good it raises his self esteem and self confidence. He will attract positive attention and positive people. He will dramatically increase his visual credibility and create opportunities in all areas of his life.

Choosing the Shoes for Your Man

In the current fashion world, most men have developed the urge to look good and wear good shoes, but this has not been easy since for a long time most men have not been fashion conscious hence have been having problem in choosing the right kind of shoes. That means the woman who has been conscious with the changes in fashion has to assist the man to choose the best shoes that suits him.

Women might assume now that they are the most fashion conscious beings in the planet; they are in a good position to choose the best shoes for the men. the truth is choosing the shoes is not an easy task as it may seem and you need to have the following guidelines on how to go about it.

The most important tithing when choosing the shoes for your man is what is his style and mode of dressing, does he really require office shoes? You need to be able to know what are some of the events your man might be attending.

Let’s take the example your man does most of his things in the office and loves to be in a suit, office shoes will suit him perfectly. But if he is a man who prefers all the time to have a casual style you will be forced to look for him the sneakers where he can be comfortable with. In cases of respectable events he will appear odd when he wear sneakers so its good to get a pair of loafers for the occasion.

Loafers are the best since you can be able to wear them at different conditions i.e. during the meetings and after the meetings. In fact you can uplift his wardrobe by adding a pair of oxfords especially if the event he is attending is of fashion conscious people.

Apart from that, the shoes you choose should perfectly match with what the man is wearing. The shoes should match with the trousers so that he does not look out of place.

When your man is wearing the jeans, there are a number of shoes to choose from like the loafers, or sneakers, but depending on the shirt if it is a polo shirt then it goes well with the loafers. so depending on what pants he is wearing like the chinos, you can be able to get the right shoes with the right color for him.

Men’s Fashion Sense

While fashion can be ever changing and certain trends even surprising, there are some simple classics that are forever endearing to those who have experienced wearing them. One fabric that makes the grade is Saxony tweed. A returning favourite in tweed jackets, this is one of the timeless fabrics that express clean style and an amazing history. The timelessness of this type of jacket makes it a welcomed addition to any wardrobe.

Tweed Jackets are Chosen by the Best

Tweed refers to a number of fabrics that are either medium to heavy in weight, somewhat rough in texture and manufactured in a variety of colours. The beautiful textures are a big draw for most people, giving the eye something to really take in. The textures of Saxony tweed jackets have come full circle and are now appealing to even the more modern gentleman with high expectations and impeccable taste. This fabric is an excellent choice for the discriminating man anxious to make an impression, and is often worn by such royalty as the Prince of Wales.

The History of Saxony Tweed Jackets Remains

For hundreds of years prestigious man of have worn the Saxony tweed to boast their stature and position in society. Those who valued being taken as sophisticated and classy turned to the Saxony tweed to do just that.

This type of fabric was originally developed and termed Saxony after a state in Germany. The Saxony tweed jackets are considered some of the best materials used in the fashion world for a number of reasons.

  • Classic look with detailed patterns
  • Soft feel that makes it comfortable to wear
  • Breathable fabric to keep you in great comfort regardless of your situation or the weather
  • Warm when needed and light enough to allow for great layering and fashion potential
  • Easy to mix with other fabrics, colours and styles

Back in Fashion or Always in Fashion?

You could say that Saxony tweed jackets are back in fashion, but it may be more appropriate to say they are still in fashion. Held in high regard for those of stature, this fabric expresses a high level of perfection and a royal elegance that can not be duplicated. Wearing such a high quality fabric speaks volumes about the character of the individual man wearing the jacket. Thanks to an unmistakable quality and sophistication it is clear to those who appreciate products of excellence that this is something that should be in the wardrobe of every man of class. Basically, when you wear Saxony tweed jackets, the impression you make will go before you.

Fabric that was once known for its durability often comes around again as a favourite of modern designers. Saxony tweed jackets are no different and enhance the appearance of any man smart enough to choose to add at least one to their fall and winter wardrobe. With so many choices in colour, texture and cut, it is easy to find a tweed jacket that will fit any occasion and any man’s closet. The simple versatility of this fashionable item is a good reason that many find it imperative to have in their possession.

Tall Man Style Tips

If you are a tall man measuring 6 ft or over you probably already know that there is a shortage of clothing that caters for your height. It seems manufacturers pay more attention to the shorter man, leaving it to specialist retailers to cater for taller fashion customers – and these specialist clothing items usually come with a hefty price tag!

It seems the world is against those over a certain height. You only have to cram yourself into an airplane or rental car seat to work that out. Pants, short pants and even shirts can also be hard to cram into – tall guys often have to buy larger fashion shirts as a result, but this can often mean the arms are too long causing them to blouse out unnaturally.

A tall man should avoid things like bright colors and vertical stripes. Just dress for the season and color must be universal and it all depends on how you pull it off with the rest of your look. There are many subtle ways to wear all the looks for a tall guy.

As a tall man you need to be comfortable in your clothes and with your look. If you are wearing well-fitted clothing you feel more confident and ready to take on the world, but when your cuffs are halfway up your arms or your whole body is feeling pinched by an ill-fitting shirt, you can feel self-conscious and awkward.

The most important clothing considerations for a tall man are:

  • Sufficient width in the shoulders of fashion shirts and dress shirts
  • Adequate length in pants legs and sweater and shirt sleeves
  • Enough room in the drop of the crotch to prevent pinching
  • Closely fitting jackets and shirts to prevent billowing

When it comes to choosing pants, there are many options available and as a tall man with long legs, the good news is that you can get away with them all. Slim-fitting trousers can look amazing whilst baggy cargo pants can help you to look a little shorter if this is the type of effect you are after.

Choosing designer shirts is a cinch too. If you don’t want to seem too imposing, you might want to choose shirts that are not too bold in design. A well cut jacket and a double collar shirt can look super stylish and will make sure you are noticed for your great fashion sense when you first walk into a room and not your height alone.