Choosing the Shoes for Your Man

In the current fashion world, most men have developed the urge to look good and wear good shoes, but this has not been easy since for a long time most men have not been fashion conscious hence have been having problem in choosing the right kind of shoes. That means the woman who has been conscious with the changes in fashion has to assist the man to choose the best shoes that suits him.

Women might assume now that they are the most fashion conscious beings in the planet; they are in a good position to choose the best shoes for the men. the truth is choosing the shoes is not an easy task as it may seem and you need to have the following guidelines on how to go about it.

The most important tithing when choosing the shoes for your man is what is his style and mode of dressing, does he really require office shoes? You need to be able to know what are some of the events your man might be attending.

Let’s take the example your man does most of his things in the office and loves to be in a suit, office shoes will suit him perfectly. But if he is a man who prefers all the time to have a casual style you will be forced to look for him the sneakers where he can be comfortable with. In cases of respectable events he will appear odd when he wear sneakers so its good to get a pair of loafers for the occasion.

Loafers are the best since you can be able to wear them at different conditions i.e. during the meetings and after the meetings. In fact you can uplift his wardrobe by adding a pair of oxfords especially if the event he is attending is of fashion conscious people.

Apart from that, the shoes you choose should perfectly match with what the man is wearing. The shoes should match with the trousers so that he does not look out of place.

When your man is wearing the jeans, there are a number of shoes to choose from like the loafers, or sneakers, but depending on the shirt if it is a polo shirt then it goes well with the loafers. so depending on what pants he is wearing like the chinos, you can be able to get the right shoes with the right color for him.

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