Man-bags. We have all heard the name and have seen fashion-forward men carrying them at the mall, but most people are still perplexed by their existence. Are there really designer handbags that are created for men or do guys sneak into the ladies department and pick one out for themselves? Are they considered fashionable or a faux pas? Are they an upcoming fashion staple or are they a slowly passing fad waiting to disappear? These are all frequently asked questions and we have the answers.

Let’s start with the most important question. Are there designer handbags that are actually intended for men? The answer is yes. Many designers have created entire lines of handbags just for men. These revolutionary bags first began to appear in the 1960’s on the catwalks of Paris. They were originally referred to as a man-case in order to give a more masculine appeal. While these man-cases did not catch on right away, they did begin to gain popularity as the pockets on bell-bottoms grew tighter and the idea of nonconformity flourished. In the 2000’s, Italian designers, such as Gucci, worked to attract male consumers by recreating the idea of the designer man-bag. Today, their popularity is growing at an exponential rate.

On to the next question. Are designer man-bags fashionable or a faux pas? Of course the answer is fashionable! Many people try to give man-bags a bad rap and paint them in a picture of effeminate transgression, but the truth is most men possess some type of carry-case. A business man sports a briefcase, hipsters don a floppy messenger, and even the burly alpha male who is oozing with testosterone owns a hunting bag. So why should a fashionable male be denied the right to carry his own type of bag?

Now, time for arguably the most important question and definitely the riskiest answer. Are designer man-bags an upcoming fashion staple or a passing fad? Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving so it would be wrong to say for certain what will become of an item once it is introduced to the world. However, the designer man-bag already has a few advantages working for it. Man-bags are useful. They have a high utility, which is something that a man appreciates. As mentioned before, most men already have some type of carrying device, so adding a designer man-bag into their everyday routine would not come as much of a shock. Additionally, as gender roles are becoming more ambiguous, the past notion of a man carrying a designer bag is not as farfetched as it once was. The stage has been set for the introduction of the everyday-man to carry a designer handbag, now it is time to watch and see what will become of it. My personal belief is that over time, the designer man-bag will gain even more popularity than what it is already experiencing and become a must-have item for all men.

For the men who are wanting to partake in this upcoming style revolution or for those who have already started to push the trend, it is time to find the perfect designer man-bag for you. Authentic is the only way to go and at a discount is best. Online stores, such as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, are now available to help the fashion and budget-conscious man find the best designer designer man-bags.

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