Men’s Fashion

Contrary to what society would have one believe, women are not flocking to the man with his pants at his ankles and 3lbs worth of jewelry hanging from his ears, arms, and chest. Instead, women typically prefer a man who looks as if he just stepped out of GQ magazine — the often overlooked neat and conservative fellow. However, these neat and conservative dressers are oftentimes overshadowed by the millions of men who commit fashion suicide on a daily basis. Tube socks with dress suits, ill-fitted suits, and mismatched or over-coordinated apparel are just a few of the fashion mistakes men make. Don’t be ashamed if you are perpetrator of these crimes against fashion. A sense of fashion does not come overnight. The following tips will help you become more fashionable with easy to implement strategies to help improve your wardrobe and overall appeal.

Fashion crimes to avoid:

The Hangover Suit

Topping the list of turn offs for women is a man who shows up wearing a suit that looks as if it was used as pajamas the night before. Having a clean and crisp appearance is vital if you wish to appear the least bit presentable. It doesn’t take much to go over your clothes with an iron the night before, or at the least, invest in getting your suits cleaned once a week at your neighborhood cleaners.

Taste the Rainbow

Believe it or not, women look at even the most subtle fashion combinations. You can then understand why it is important to choose wisely when coordinating your shirts, ties, and suit coats. There are certain patterns that clash with each other. Take for example the following fashion suicide combination: a plaid jacket, polka dot tie and striped shirt. This is too much pattern concentrated in one place. Be wise. One pattern should never overpower the other. Instead, it should accentuate its counterpart. If you wish to combine items, combine colors, not patterns, to make your outfit pop. By mixing darker colors with its lighter partner on the color wheel you are able to help both items make a statement without overdoing it.

The Roman Solider

Look, we know you have muscles! There is no need to exaggerate it with 5 inch shoulder pads sewn into your suits. Avoid this look like the plague.

Shaggy the Dog

Did you forget that you have a head too? Don’t be the man who is dressed well — from the neck down. The total package includes your head too. Ensure that you are clean shaven, have a neat haircut, and are not sporting a unibrow. Women are visual creatures too and make mental notes of even the little details.

Metro Man Phobia

Having the least bit of fashion sense does not make one any less masculine. Items like the fit of a coat, correct sleeve length, polished shoes, and correct accessorizing go a long way in complementing or ruining a gentleman’s image. Neatness need not be expensive. Men are oftentimes slow to warm up to style changes. Just like a woman, men need some color in their wardrobe too! If your closet consists of only white shirts, it is time to spice things up. Seek out colors that compliment your skin tone. If you are unsure of what colors to choose, seek the advice of knowledgeable women in your life, or the sales associate at Macys. Furthermore, “accessories” is not a term monopolized by women. Men can accessorize their wardrobe with items such as a handkerchief, cuff links, or even a watch to turn a drab suit into a fabulous suit.

Terrible Tube Socks

Did you know that women enjoy foot candy on a man too? However, you are not satisfying any woman’s sweet tooth by ruining your outfit with the flash of white tube socks against a black suit and polished shoes. There is no sight more disturbing than to see white socks flashing beneath the pant legs of a well-dressed man. To avoid this costly mistake, your socks should be of a dark, solid color to blend or match the suit, and of the higher styling kind such as silk or a thin cotton/nylon blend. In addition to choosing the appropriate sock material, men should also pay close attention to the length of their socks. Don’t be the man who carelessly crosses his leg and reveals a stump of hairy shin exposed between his trouser cuff and shoe top. Lastly, don’t walk out the door with shoes that look as though you just walked through a construction zone. Unpolished shoes can ruin a good looking outfit. Make sure that your shoes are well polished before stepping out the door.

A man is considered a great dresser when he takes time selecting what he wears. By properly coordinating your outfits and evaluating your appearance before you leave out the door, you can ensure that you are not counted in the pack of fashion faux pas committers.

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