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While fashion can be ever changing and certain trends even surprising, there are some simple classics that are forever endearing to those who have experienced wearing them. One fabric that makes the grade is Saxony tweed. A returning favourite in tweed jackets, this is one of the timeless fabrics that express clean style and an amazing history. The timelessness of this type of jacket makes it a welcomed addition to any wardrobe.

Tweed Jackets are Chosen by the Best

Tweed refers to a number of fabrics that are either medium to heavy in weight, somewhat rough in texture and manufactured in a variety of colours. The beautiful textures are a big draw for most people, giving the eye something to really take in. The textures of Saxony tweed jackets have come full circle and are now appealing to even the more modern gentleman with high expectations and impeccable taste. This fabric is an excellent choice for the discriminating man anxious to make an impression, and is often worn by such royalty as the Prince of Wales.

The History of Saxony Tweed Jackets Remains

For hundreds of years prestigious man of have worn the Saxony tweed to boast their stature and position in society. Those who valued being taken as sophisticated and classy turned to the Saxony tweed to do just that.

This type of fabric was originally developed and termed Saxony after a state in Germany. The Saxony tweed jackets are considered some of the best materials used in the fashion world for a number of reasons.

  • Classic look with detailed patterns
  • Soft feel that makes it comfortable to wear
  • Breathable fabric to keep you in great comfort regardless of your situation or the weather
  • Warm when needed and light enough to allow for great layering and fashion potential
  • Easy to mix with other fabrics, colours and styles

Back in Fashion or Always in Fashion?

You could say that Saxony tweed jackets are back in fashion, but it may be more appropriate to say they are still in fashion. Held in high regard for those of stature, this fabric expresses a high level of perfection and a royal elegance that can not be duplicated. Wearing such a high quality fabric speaks volumes about the character of the individual man wearing the jacket. Thanks to an unmistakable quality and sophistication it is clear to those who appreciate products of excellence that this is something that should be in the wardrobe of every man of class. Basically, when you wear Saxony tweed jackets, the impression you make will go before you.

Fabric that was once known for its durability often comes around again as a favourite of modern designers. Saxony tweed jackets are no different and enhance the appearance of any man smart enough to choose to add at least one to their fall and winter wardrobe. With so many choices in colour, texture and cut, it is easy to find a tweed jacket that will fit any occasion and any man’s closet. The simple versatility of this fashionable item is a good reason that many find it imperative to have in their possession.

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