Spring Bag Trends Worth Trying

You may be feeling excited about an outfit you have put together, but what can really lift it to sartorial heights is fantastic accessories. New bags are appearing to welcome the new season’s styles and there is no faster or easier way to spruce up a look than with a gorgeous bag.

Spring bag trend

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Getting Loopy

A looped handle on a round pastille-shaped bag is accessory heaven. A bag like this in candy colors will team with florals or lift any spring outfit to a stylish level. If you want some ideas on the hottest florals of the coming season, the Guardian has some great suggestions.

Getting loopy

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Some looped straps even come with fastenings that can be adjusted so that the bag can sit on your arm in whichever way suits you. Looped handles can easily fit around the wrist, which makes them a smart-looking and very practical choice for a cocktail party when you always need extra hands for canapés and drinks.

Lanyard bags – yes, bags hanging from a strap placed around the neck – are also in vogue. Available in all kinds of finishes, these are definitely a winner for the woman who has too many things to hold.

Make mine small

Downsizing is a trend in many sectors, with bags no exception. Some designers are even producing mini-duffle bags. While these may not hold everything you need for a weekend, the beautifully finished straps attached to a microcylinder mean the ultimate effect is incredibly cute. For an edgy mini-duffle, try one with studs. A mini-duffle in a classic matte shade will give any outfit an injection of style, while some mini-duffle bags are available in contrasting colors.

Like an exquisite bag, a purple maxi dress always makes a big contribution to statement dressing and can be the foundation of a variety of stunning looks. You can find a great purple maxi dress at AX Paris and other fashion brands. A purple maxi dress is a timeless investment in smart dressing.

A great bag in beautifully soft leather is a piece that can bring value to your wardrobe for years to come. A quality bag will always look expensive and will give the perceived quality of other garments a boost. With so many choices available, there are great bags for every occasion.