Style Tips for Plus-Size Men

Designers and retailers are finally acknowledging that fashion should be for everyone, regardless of age, style or size. Plus-size fashion used to focus solely on concealing bodies, but now it is actively encouraging everyone to embrace the skin they’re in, so here are a few ways to refine your style and enjoy playing with fashion in the process.

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Focus on Fit

Dressing your body in pieces that fit you properly is essential. This means avoiding the temptation to squeeze into tight clothes in the hopes they will look slimming and side-stepping the trap of attempting to mask your silhouette by sizing up. Instead, focussing on selecting well-fitting garments that also have some structure will help you to create a flattering silhouette that will look great and boost your confidence.

Introduce Colour, But Do So Sparingly

Everyone can wear colour, but working with a base silhouette consisting of dark, rich tones will keep your ensemble looking sleek. Accessorising with bold colours can be a lot of fun, as everything from a bright beanie to a patterned pocket square can change your whole vibe in a matter of seconds.

Layers Create Shape

Not only are layered outfits a lot of fun to put together, they are also ultra-comfortable and super-flattering. Farah shirts make an excellent base layer, and latest collection can be found at And from here you can add a thin knit and a structured jacket. Understanding your body shape is key to avoid adding extra bulk in the wrong places, and this article is bursting with tips for dressing for your body type.

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Visit Your Tailor

Fashion brands design clothes to fit their view of what the everyman might look like. Although the resulting garments clearly work for many people, there are significantly more people for whom some tailoring will be beneficial. Taking your clothing to a tailor will ensure that each piece in your wardrobe fits your body perfectly, which will streamline your silhouette and guarantee you’ll look great from every angle.

Play with pattern, but proceed with caution

Pattern can make a big statement and stopping short of creating an overwhelming aesthetic is key when dressing a larger physique. Whereas small, busy patterns might quickly look too much, classic patterns, such as Breton stripes, will instantly add a touch of sophistication into your ensemble.