Styles Ideas for Ideal Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

Blonde Hair Blue Eyes

Blonde hairstyles and blue eyes go hand in hand like Hardy and Laurel. They are a classic double combination. If you were born with both features, then you can count yourself among the blessed girls of your time! This attributes combination is famous for being one of the most glamorous and sexy looks across the world.

However, if you don’t have both features or even one of these two attributes, there are lots of options you can use to fake it! It is pretty possible to dye blonde on your hair. However, you will have to use bleach to remove any natural hue. Also, you can purchase shimmery blue lenses to transform your eye color! Just that and you have beautiful blonde hair blue eyes!

  1. Platinum Blonde.

A subtle hair shade such as platinum blonde will make your bright blue eyes pop. The lighter you make the color of your locks, the more brilliant and beautiful your blue eyes will become. It gives you an icy queen style.

  1. Ombre Style.

Employ ombre hair styling method to transform your locks from dark shade into a bright blonde hue. If the transition region is near your eyes, it will no doubt draw attention to the bright blue color.

  1. Tousled Hair.

Tousled locks can make stunningly beachy and bohemian hairstyle. To create this beautiful tousled look, just run the finger through your locks a few rounds while the hair is still moist.

  1. Extended Hair With Beautiful Waves.

Ladies with blonde hair blue eyes also deserve the right of wearing glamorous haircuts. Thick locks with significant sleek waves is a hairstyle which is famously known across the world for its glamour and beauty.

  1. Highlights and Lowlights.

If you are trying to make your hair look more fuller and enhance depth, try achieving this using lowlights and highlights. Usually, highlights are polished and lighter than the base shade, whereas the lowlights are darker color compared to the base shade.

  1. Light and Soft.

Maintain the light and soft touch of your hair by brushing the hair regularly. This is important since it discourages the development of tangles, kinks, and knots. The light blonde hue looks beautiful matched with blue eyes.

  1. Choppy Cut.

A trimmed cut is a haircut choice for young girls with blonde hair blue eyes and those who don’t want to incorporate so many manicures in their beauty. A rough cut plays a vital role in this style since it reduces the hair bulkiness from the tips of the haircut.

  1. Voluminous Lock.

Voluminous hair appears excellent on women with blue eyes and blonde haircuts. To come up with more volume and dimension in any hairstyle, opt for backcombing of your hair straight starting from the base.

  1. Light Layering.

Layering the hair around the face is a great way to frame your bone structure. Maintain the hair short at the front for a perfect framing of the face.