The Staple Man

Women are always wondering, what to wear, constantly searching for those perfectly matching colors, styles and accessories. Women worry about every season, occasion and Friday night dinner date. But have we ever stopped to think about men?

Men’s fashion essentials will incontestably differ in price and style according to a man’s given age, work environment, personal style and will rarely be concerned with the latest runway fashions or magazine suggestion. But just like in a women’s closet there are some ‘staple’ articles every man needs. (Other than a sports jersey) So with this being said, we ask you men – which fashion items are you missing from your wardrobe?

The Basics
Just like in a kitchen you have milk and cheese, your closet has its basic necessities as well. Blue jeans, button – down shirt, belts, Etc. So please take note of the following:

Blue jeans are embedded in American culture, so of course this couldn’t be left out. A brand new (looking) pair of jeans is key. Obviously you can’t buy a new pair for every outing – we encourage proper care. (The floor isn’t a suitable place) Yet, even though worn out looking jeans have made a come back lately in fashion, just remember not to dinner. Jeans are versatile, comfortable, and can easily be combined with a dressier shoe, sneakers or sandals for a casual look.

The “blue jeans and white t-shirt” look is what men worldwide should be aiming for when not at work. This doesn’t mean the v-neck, which is three times too small or too big. However a proper fitting one with not too much graphic – and please no cartoons! The t-shirt goes with any casual ensemble. Mixed with jeans, cargos or khakis it’s a never fail solution – an extremely simple genre that looks great.

Your Favorite Sweater
Every man in college or alumni has a favorite sweater, regardless of how many times it’s been worn or washed. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to give it up! But maybe realize that it’s not the most appropriate item to be wearing for dad’s 50th birthday party. Many types of sweaters hang on our department store racks; find one that fits your style. Make sure you’re comfy and it’s versatile. (a gray or beige is always best)

Sneakers, of course
You probably own a pair of sneakers, if not a dozen. All for different purposes, the gym, guy’s night, your ‘nice’ pair and the list goes on. Wearing nice-looking white sneakers with jeans or any other type of sporty pants looks marvelous. Not to mention it’s extremely easy, just make sure they are clean. We don’t like scuff marks.
Now we wouldn’t be complete without accessories. Just like women have purses, jewelry, scarves – the men’s list isn’t that long but here are the two you should never be without!

It’s been said, a watch is the only piece of jewelry a man needs. And it was said for a reason, because it’s true! A timepiece, like shoes can say a lot about a man’s personality and fashion sense. It’s a masculine object and there are so many to choose from, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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